Monday, September 5, 2016

Trump Foreign Policy Update

Stephen Olson
                                                                   "Build The Wall"

Wednesday night was set to be Trump’s “Official Foreign Policy” speech night. This left many wondering, what will he do? From day one of Trump’s brute campaign he has relentlessly driven home the idea of building a full wall to line the border of the United States and Mexico.
 However, last week in a Sean Hannity interview Trump pulled a classic Donald move and seemed to once again be attempting to shift away from a major position. Not just any position, the position that set the stage for Trump becoming the 2016 Republican nominee

 Many analysts instantly freaked out on Fox News saying that taking an immigration stance similar to Obama and Bush, as Trump had stated in the interview, would be detrimental to the future of his campaign. However, I give Fox news credit for truly breaking down what it would take to create a quality border for our nation. The fact of the matter is that it is not physically possible to build a material wall the entire length of the border, but with technology we can get results that are close.

 “Virtual Walls” use radar, GPS, and other methods to alert authorities when and exactly where the wall is being crossed. This technology is already in use, highly accurate, and highly effective. What seemed to be Trump pivot on immigration left many wondering, has Trump finally figured out that his plan is unrealistic? Or is he just doing this to try and gain some moderate votes from those whom believe he is currently too racist and unrealistic to vote for. On Wednesday night Trump answered most of the questions, once again suggesting there will be a physical wall from border to border.

The People’s Election, For Now  

This raises the question, if Trump knows building a physical an entire wall isn’t going to happen, why does he keep saying that it is going to happen? The answer is simple; with the gap Trump is facing in the polls he has no choice but to say whatever people want to hear, even if it is no longer how he feels. This election cycle has slipped out of the hands of Clinton and Trump, with what now seems to be the masses wishes running the campaigns.

 Is this all bad? Are the thoughts of the people becoming campaign platforms something that is realistic, sustainable, and plausible? In an election like this, one must be fearful that everything we are hearing is empty promises, and that at the end of the day the original agendas put in place by out candidates will be carried out as intended.

As Trump and Clinton continue to go back and fourth on different stances, one thing if for sure: Nobody, not even the candidates themselves know exactly what their plan will be once entering the White house. Until then we as journalists will continue to play the guessing game, and will continue to label every mind change as “news,” when the only real news is that we have two candidates who have no clue and will do whatever it takes.

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