Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Shootings, the Reactions and How MSNBC Covered it

Jackie McCrea

Tragedy Strikes The Country

Unfortunately, police brutality and death by shooting is something that has become commonplace in our society. Over the past few months, the amount of gun violence has been astounding and upsetting, and this week has been no exception. The tragic deaths that took place in Charlotte and Tulsa this past week have been a hot topic, especially among those running for the nation's highest office. Both candidates reacted, but how was it covered? MSNBC released video of democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton addressing the situation, but failed to release Trump's comments.

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Clearly both candidates took stance on the issue and made public comments regarding the deaths. I found it strange that MSNBC did not release video footage or even an article detailing what Trump said. Most Americans are surely interested in what both candidates had to say, so why is MSNBC still delivering such one-sided coverage? Though this news media outlet did not release the statements made by the Republican nominee, I have included his statements in the video below, obtained from another site. 

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Slanted Coverage

Among the news coverage of Clinton, many articles appeared slamming Trump. Instead of having fair coverage offering both candidates statements on major issues, MSNBC continues to publish stories that promote the democratic nominee and bash Trump. Whether you are a Trump supporter or a Hillary supporter, it seems unfair to have such slanted coverage.

 Personally, I like to see major issues from both perspectives and found it disappointing that a major site such as MSNBC would fail this miserably at providing fair coverage. I also believe it is important to have major issues, such as these shootings, as a headliner instead of buried among several petty articles criticizing the campaign.

 Media has a huge influence on voters, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, it is not a good sign that a certain news outlet would not even provide a simple link to the other candidate's point of view. It seems as if MSNBC is almost misusing their influence.

MSNBC's Shift

Just a few weeks ago, I discussed how MSNBC was not writing or updating much on Clinton's progress, but rather harping on Trump's seeming failures. MSNBC has made a shift and has been publishing more information on the way the democratic nominee is handling major issues along the campaign trail. Though this is better than the coverage being delivered previously, the slant of the coverage is still a bit bothersome. After thorough analysis of this news site, I have found many flaws. I still think they are a credible and reliable source of information, but I would not say that they are fair, but sadly, it is hard to find any news organization that does not have some sort of bias.

 Obviously, MSNBC is a liberal outlet and would throw their support behind Clinton, but I think there may be better ways to go about that. Let the candidates speak for themselves. Provide coverage of both nominees. Posting articles attacking one candidate constantly or on the other hand only posting articles praising one candidate is not doing anyone any favors. It is at the point in the presidential race that both sides matter. It is time to start presenting both sides of the argument. Hopefully MSNBC can get on board with that. If not, the first presidential debate is just around the corner! 

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