Wednesday, September 7, 2016

ABC: Spotlight on Hillary

By: Megan Vanselow

Immediately into research this week, ABC flipped from last week, and the giant photo cover story was not only NOT the face of Donald Trump, but was the face of Hillary Clinton. Within the photo, however, were links to two different stories, one of which was about Trump and not Hilary. However, outside of this photo, all other articles on the "top fold" of the home page were not political at all, a.k.a. were not riddled with Trump's name.  

Looking closer into the headline story on Hillary, a few highlighted facts are important to note. 

"On Wednesday, department lawyers said a closer review showed most of those 30 messages have already been made public, a revelation Clinton supporters are sure to highlight."

This comment is extremely interesting because out of all of the facts and information within the FBI reports and press releases, ABC found this notable enough to include in their article. Obviously, it is a correct fact and has relevance to their story. It is the following comment about the "revelation" being one that Clinton supporters will call to hand and make light of. But by choosing to highlight this "revelation" themselves, ABC almost indicates that they support Hillary too, and that is why they've highlighted the fact by putting it in this piece.

The article goes on to make the claim that the Justice Department closed their investigation and the situation would be over if it weren't for the Republican Party pushing for more investigations. 

The video attached to this piece is an ABC interview with Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine where Hillary justifies that the classified emails she received were not marked correctly as classified. ABC gives her this outlet to make a case to the people that she was not in the wrong when it came to the mismarked classified emails, and gave her another opportunity to apologize for everything else. 

Last week, their lead story was filled with comparison's that after bad things about Trump, good things about Hillary followed. This week, it's not in the writing, but in the interview. Tim Kaine makes the comparison after validating Hillary's actions in being honest to the public, that Trump has not been honest to the public and has not given them what he promised he would. 

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