Tuesday, September 6, 2016

NYTimes.com: Liberal Biased Media Brush Off Clinton's Health Concerns as Conspiracy

Micaela Marshall

The New York Times has a long history of being criticized for having a liberal bias. This week I decided to take a look at the accuracy of this criticism by discussing The Times coverage on Hillary Clinton's coughing fit on Labor Day during her speech in Cleveland, Ohio.

The New York Times writer, Amy Chozick, published an article on September 6, 2016 headlined "Hillary Clinton Treats Theories About Coughing Attack With Dose of Humor."

The focus of the story is primarily about Clinton coughing due to allergies during her speech and dismissing conspiracy theories about her health. The article also briefly mentions Clinton claiming to be "allergic" to Donald Trump.

This article is written with a light-hearted tone and style. It mocks the idea that people seem to look for any reason to not vote for Clinton; for example, it has been rumored her health is poor.

Clinton jokes that she has "created so many jobs in the sort of conspiracy-theory machine factory."
Source: http://christiantimesnewspaper.com/breaking-hillary-has-tongue-cancer-doctor-admits/

Chozick explains in her article that she is in "excellent health" according to a letter from her doctor. She fails to mention that this letter is from July 2015, which means it is not completely up-to-date.

Perhaps the real story here is one The Times is missing altogether because of the news outlet's liberal bias. This article not only ignores the signs of Clinton's ill health (such as the hole in her tongue pictured above, the long coughing outbursts which are hard to believe are solely from allergies, the possible seizures, and the numerous doctors who claim her health issues are more than just a rumor), but actually feeds into her "humor" deeming anyone who questions it is simply out to get her, or believes in "conspiracy theories."

But, is Hillary's poor health really just a rumor concocted by Trump supporters?

Well, not according to Dr. Drew Pinsky, former host of the HLN show "Dr. Drew On Call."

Dr. Drew said on KABC's "McIntyre in the Morning" that he was "gravely concerned not just about her health, but her health care." Eight days later, CNN cancelled the show and KABC deleted the interview from their website.

And Dr. Drew is not the only one who may have lost his job from publicly expressing validations to the "Hillary Clinton health conspiracy."

Former Huffington Post contributing writer, David Seamon, claims in this YouTube video that he was fired and his articles regarding Hillary's health were deleted once he shared speculations.

They are not alone in their concerns. At least 10 other well respected doctors have questioned Hillary's state of health.

I am starting to see a trend here: The liberally biased media is working to brush off any speculation regarding Hillary's health--deeming it a "conspiracy" while getting rid of anyone who tries to present the other side of the story to the public.

If Hillary really is as healthy as she claims to be, why is the Clinton campaign and the media so quick to retract anything that may prove otherwise and ridicule those who question it?

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