Thursday, November 17, 2016

MSNBC After November 8th

Jackie McCrea

The Aftermath

Regardless of how you feel about the election, it was certainly one that will go down in history. With a nation divided, we are far from the coverage cooling down anytime soon. The most exciting coverage to watch was, of course, election night. Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, weighed in when the results became clear and she held absolutely nothing back. Though MSNBC is an incredibly liberal network, I was still a bit surprised about how candidly she spoke.

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I do acknowledge that the results of the election were a major upset for Clinton supporters, but I also think there needs to be some line drawn on reporting. It seems almost unethical to be so biased in one way, even if you do host an opinionated TV segment. I personally believe her commentary seemed like more of an emotional response than a professional one. In fact, YouTube videos of the clip refer to it as the "Maddow Meltdown."

Decision 2016

Because of the major Republican wins during this election period, MSNBC has spent quite some time covering the party, something that is sort of unusual for them. Most articles on the homepage are regarding Trump's foreign policy plan, his plan for his first 100 days and how he is handling the transition into President Elect. As I have observed this website over the past couple months, it is rare to see an article that is not negatively slanted toward Donald Trump. However, every network is beginning to come to terms with the election results and focusing more on reporting than endorsing a particular candidate, which is refreshing.

Of course, there is also coverage on the Democratic party and how they will repair the break that they experienced in the most recent election. Because many were expecting major losses on the Republican side, repairing the party was not on the mind of many Democratic leaders. There are several articles and videos readily found that detail the next step for Democrats.

 MSNBC's website has done some interesting reorganization. They have created tabs to follow each candidate after the big election. Each tab encases the major stories following President Elect Trump and Former Secretary Clinton. These tabs are closely following the every move of both person and the ins and outs of their respective parties.

America Up in Arms

It's no secret that this election has created a severe dichotomy in our nation. Because of this there have been nationwide protests, some of which have turned violent. In my opinion, this is a topic that needs to be more heavily covered. There are some stories on MSNBC about the protests, but they are buried among other things. Despite the importance of covering both parties, I think it may be more important to acknowledge this divide and strategize on how to repair it. Though protesting the next president won't do much of anything, it is an opportunity for politicians to reach across the aisle and resolve some of the things these people are feeling. It is quite surprising that there are not a lot of articles about that.
A protester carries an upside down American flag as she walks along Sixth Avenue while demonstrating against President-elect Donald Trump, Nov. 9, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Julie Jacobson/AP)
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I found it odd that I had to search for articles regarding said riots instead of seeing them on the front page. Somehow I think those stories are more important than a story about Trump having dinner with his family.

Regardless, I hope that MSNBC will continue to cover what matters. Though there will always be a slant on their coverage, I hope that they continue to respect the results of the election and keep audiences up to date on what truly matters.

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